Friday, November 18, 2011

#FriFotos Flags

I was very excited to be asked to guest co-host #FriFotos this week. #Frifotos is a weekly, day-long Twitter event, in which people from around the world share their photos. Every Friday there is a different theme. #FriFotos was founded by Jonathan Epstein (@EpsteinTravels) owner of Celebrated Experiences, and is regularly co-hosted by Charles Yap (@HotelPRGuy) and Stephanie Diehl (@TravelDesigned).  Today, I also have the pleasure of guest co-hosting with Christina Saull (@MiddleSeatView), one of my #Togchat friends (but that's another blog post)! 

Anyone with a Twitter account can participate in #FriFotos please click here for more information. Oh, and don't forget to have fun!

Following are some of my favorite Flag photos.

Vice President Joe Biden and Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden
attended a Veteran's Day event in my town, Media, Pennsylvania.

New York City

Flags from around the world at Rockefeller Center.

The Spanish Flag in Madrid.

Papua New Guinea

The Peruvian flag accompanied by the indigenous Inca flag,
taken at the famous Pisac Sunday Market.

The Russian Flag flies proudly over The Hermitage, St Petersburg, Russia.

I love the contrast of the American flag above the 'adult entertainment' store!

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