Monday, April 25, 2011

Jet-lagged Journeys!

Hi, and welcome to my travel blog which I am resuming after a false start last summer. My goal is to share stories, images, information, and tips that come from over 20 years of traveling around the world. 

Since I have started "popping up" on Twitter, I thought that it might be time to introduce myself. My family and friends on Facebook already know that I have incurable wanderlust and am rather unconventional. 

During the last 25 years I have been fortunate enough to realize many of my travel dreams by working in two industries that made it possible for me to travel extensively: private yachting and private aviation. I worked as a crew member on private yachts, off and on, for about 10 years. My down time was usually spent on extended independent journeys. Then I moved onto private jets, where I worked as a flight attendant or "corporate inflight manager", as I like to call it (seriously, the title "flight attendant" does not do justice to the actual job responsibilities involved in private aviation — more on that later)! Working for a wealthy South American family, who used their plane like we use our cars (no exaggeration), was both very exciting and challenging. It gave me the opportunity to literally travel around the world. I have to add that we also changed time zones like crazy -- thus the title "Jet-lagged Journeys". I'm still suffering from insomnia from all those years of flying! 

Three years ago Ashton, my husband, and I were faced with a reality check. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia, and it quickly became apparent that, as an only child, I needed to step up to the plate. We underwent a major lifestyle change and, to make a long story short, moved from South Florida to the Philadelphia suburbs. My mom now lives with us and caring for her is my primary focus at the moment. So, although we've managed a couple of trips, I've had to put away the suitcase/backpack for awhile. Therefore, I am currently traveling vicariously through my Facebook and Twitter friends. 

However, I feel compelled to also contribute to the wonderful cyberspace travel community which has entertained me during this hiatus. And since I have dabbled in travel writing and photography for many years, I feel that perhaps this is the time to not only dip my big toe, but jump enthusiastically into the Olympic size pool of  travel blogging!

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness..." -- Mark Twain


  1. Thanks for the invite. I look forward to your journeys looking backward. The when is less important than the what you can relate.

  2. I look forward to reading more of your posts, Anabela.

    I can relate to your difficulty in dealing with your mother's health issues. I'm an only child as well, and before she passed away in 2007, my mother began suffering from a slight case of dementia as well as myelodysplasia, a blood disease that would not allow her red blood cells to regenerate. My heart goes out to you, on that account.

    Love the Mark Twain quote!

    Keep on blogging...

  3. I'm so sorry about your mother John, and I appreciate your empathy. Thank you so much for your support!
    ~ Anabela